Adding On-Click & Release-Click Features In Software.

Okay, now as I am starting to learn QT UIFW, I wanna learn some click features that are available in the applications.

- "Activates on-Click" : Some function activates when you 'click' on it.

- "Activates after release of button" : Some features are activated when you release the button.What I mean is, whenever you click ,the option won't be activated, but it will be activated only when you release the button on mouse.

I wanna know this feature can be added from software side ?
I am newbie in this, so have mercy on me & explain me in detail.


  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    you can add it if you are making your own software. On other softwares you cannot edit their code. On the other hand, there are some gesture monitoring tools available or some companies develop it tailor made. Those may serve your purpose while overlaying gestures on other softwares. But if you are developing your own software, you can define various functions in C# like On_click, release, mouseover, doubleclick etc.

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