Acoustic Propulsion devices!

Ok, I know its really just a flashy way of saying PulseJet engine! But I had to start somewhere, I have just joined CE and wanted to throw a couple of my vids. for you guys to look at! chaddles33 - YouTube Enjoy!


  • geococeo
    i dont understand what kind of propulsion device this is, jet pulse?
  • docel
    You can call it Sound Burst propulsion.
    Think of modulating a continuous stream of a jet output. That is, switch On and Off of a stream of water, air ....and sound. This produces more thrust.
    The water Ramjet is one example of this simple mechanism. Another is the childhood PhutPhut candle driven steam boat that goes PhutPhutPhut.......audibly!!!😀

    The exhaust system of internal combustion engines are Acoustic chambers and are designed to increase compression using air as a "wall" and create 'back compression' !! You see this all the time in Racing, especially the MoBikes which make a lot of sound.
  • hemant6
    u r having any good ieas
  • docel
    ...ideas for what??

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