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gohm • Mar 16, 2008

accustic heat pump

acoustic heat pump

I just came across some brief information on an acoustic resonating heat pump that uses no oil/cfc but sound wave pressure differential to operate the heat pump. How amazing!!! They had some small working models operating household refrigerators. Of course it still uses electricity however it is more effecient (no gas/oil to heat/cool after each cycle) and is a much greener option. Has anyone had any experiece with such a system or know more details?

gohm • Mar 22, 2008
Still no takers on chatting about this idea?
Here's a link for some info on the operation of thermoacoustic heat pumps. Ben & Jerry's ice cream is planning on using this technology in the near future for their refrigeration needs.
gnomic • Mar 30, 2008
Re: acoustic heat pump

There is a lot of info on the web about such items, but much of it is research and filled with math that is beyond me. Penn State has a nice demo kit for experiementors for $14 + $10 shipping. For more about these demo kits, check out this article in The Citizen Scientist (magazine for the Society for Amateur Scientists) and this article in the American Scientist magazine (the magazine of Sigma Xi). There is a nice article (simple) here:

I'm just getting into this area and working on a series of articles on the subject for makezine ( aimed at someone getting started in this area as a hobbyist.

What are you trying to make?
gohm • Mar 31, 2008

Thanks for the information! I as well have been keeping up as this technology develops. I'm not currently making anything specific with this device, I was interested in sparking conversation about this technology, its possible applications/impact as well as the theory behind its function. I was planning on making a home built unit in the coming months as a tech demonstration. I'll also check out that demo kit as well.
gnomic • Apr 1, 2008
What amazes me is that there is tons of research, but lots of room for non-scientists (engineers, hobbyists) to experiment and still learn things. One of the things I did when narrowing down the field of projects I wanted to focus on was apply TRIZ to the variables. Thermoacoustics (TA) has a lot of variations that haven't been fully tried. A lot of the focus is on higher cooling efficiencies, but my focus is on lower power inputs and scaling up (i.e. brute force) the effect for a greener solution. If people can build and sell wine coolers that use grossly inefficient pelter chips, then I think there is a market for low-tech TA coolers.
vishal nadpara
vishal nadpara • Apr 25, 2008
This topic is very interesting.
I chose this topic as my seminar topic.
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Note: All discussions to be done on the forum
gohm • Apr 25, 2008

Please share with us all your seminar ideas when you are able. Hope it goes well!
thermodix • Feb 24, 2009
I think you may try to see this thing, MU-Physics: Experiment of the Month #8 accustic heat pump. A laboratory exercise is replaced with an experiment developed by Christopher French for his Senior Seminar project.

Programmable Thermostats
gohm • Feb 24, 2009
Thanks for sharing this article thermodix. Sure is a great topic for those studying & in need of a "green" project involving new technology, fairly simple too.

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