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@e_juhi • 11 Aug, 2009
can any1 tell me where can v get access to ieee research papers?????????
@Kaustubh Katdare • 12 Aug, 2009 Take a look here: IEEE - IEEE Journals & Conference Proceedings

I believe you need to be IEEE member to get access to their research papers. IEEE members might shed more light on this.
@e_juhi • 12 Aug, 2009 dats the problem.i dont think v can easily register on the ieee site???????!!!!!!!den how do v get to c the papers ???
@Kaustubh Katdare • 12 Aug, 2009 Please refrain from using SMS text anywhere on CE. That's one common protocol we all follow here. 😀

I'm not an IEEE member. Lot of our members are IEEE members though. They might be able to help you.

Anyone reading this?
@raisaldanha • 22 Aug, 2009 e1 i need to read some ieee papers for my project work. There are many ieee members who dont use their username and password if anyone out here then plz gimme dat as it would be of great help.....plz plz....
@Ashraf HZ • 22 Aug, 2009 You may need to be an IEEE student member to have some access to the materials. However, even student members need extra subscription for more access.

If possible, access the IEEE website via your college's computers. They might have academic access to the IEEE papers you require.

You can try this trick though. Search for the titles of the papers you want to read in an Internet search engine, and you might have free access to them hosted on other sites. Some proceedings are actually open for public access.

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