• Kaustubh

    MemberSep 12, 2009

    Accept the rules!

    Starting September 13,2009, all CrazyEngineers members will have to accept our simple rules before they can participate in discussion. The rules are very simple and do not take more than half a minute to read. These rules are -

      [*]Do not use SMS text while posting on CE Forums.
      [*]Pay proper attention to text formatting.
      [*]Post your query in appropriate section of CE Forums
      [*]Provide appropriate title to your post.

    We have been following the no SMS text policy since CE started. Lot of senior visitors complained that the members are very casual while asking technical doubts. The forced acceptance of rules will be a friendly reminder to all members that we all need to keep CE professional, re[​IMG]sourceful and also fun.

    Accepting the rules is just one time activity.

    -The Big K-
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