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academic entrprenuers

Question asked by durga ch in #Coffee Room on Sep 23, 2011
durga ch
durga ch · Sep 23, 2011
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AHem, I rearely post in this section, and this time around i couldnot contain my excitement. i have just now attended a seminar held at our company premises , and since it was about telecom I least not miss it!!
I dotn know, why pople are unware of innovations from IITs, in todays talk (there wewre 5 in total), 2 were from IITians, who tunred into Entrprenuers . i am mentioning both below

1.SiMPLuS : this is kind og NOC software which will be managing, planning and mainataining MPLS network. The software has been developed by Vegayan Systems founded by IIT professor - MrGirish Saragh. He has patents as well.

snippet from IIT Bombay website:
Vegayan provides SiMPLuS suite of solutions which enhance the functionality, performance and management of MPLS networks. SiMPLuS derives its name from the simplification it brings to the deployment, operation, management, and planning of MPLS networks. SiMPLuS also provides a scalable service provisioning platform for deployment of various next-gen services over the MPLS backbone. The first product in the SiMPLuS family is SiMPLuS Operations and Traffic Engineering (OP&TE) solution which enables efficient and effective operation and intelligent provisioning of MPLS networks.

2 Vaultize

Vaultize id a cloud data storage serivce, which promises Zero Return of Investment for Small and Medium Businesses. it has is a product of Anoosmar started by Mr Anand Kekre

I am totally exicted !!! Posted in: #Coffee Room

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