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Absolute Zero: The coefficient of optional ablution!

Here's Absolute Zero's take on the The coefficient of optional ablution! Check it out -
Optional Ablution
That brings smile to my face.. 😀 Typical hosteler.. 😀

Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Sep 19, 2012
Where is proxy constant : ask friend if he is going to college and do proxy. No need to wake up till 12😁
Where is proxy constant : ask friend if he is going to college and do proxy. No need to wake up till 12😁
Hahaha, good point... I should use that in the revised equation (like how scientists add on previous equations). So the chuckofalltrades-ianoop equation for (etc etc)

Jeffrey Arulraj
Jeffrey Arulraj • Sep 19, 2012
loved it to the core BUT where is the constant of sole surviving in other share ware rooms
Well, the parameters in the formaula reminded me of my hostel days.. Nice one and thanks for sharing. 😀
That brings lot of laughter on my face 😀 But i bunked many classes in first year as well!
God that does remind me of my hostel days!!! Specially the PTBTCL!! I always woke up at 7 am to go to the toilet, then would sleep in my room till 15 minutes before class, throw an a new ( well almost) new tee and use the deo on the way!!
zaveri • Nov 13, 2012
My college hostel had a larger number of bathrooms and they were cleaned on a daily basis.

but then again water supply would create a havoc.
Rupam Das
Rupam Das • Nov 24, 2012
Great 😁

I bunked almost 90% classes since 2nd month in the college till last date and paid 200/- to manage my attendance to our clerk Mr. Ramprasad. It was worth the torture I could avoid sitting in for 50 minutes lecture!
Well, we used to wait for our turn as there was 5 toilets and we were 20 students in the flank. Even if you are standing in the queue and waiting for your turn, sometime priority used to be given to the one who was in urgency. 😁

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