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  • friendster7

    MemberApr 26, 2008

    can u explain more?
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  • shalini_goel14

    MemberApr 27, 2008

    same one can send me a java script code for inlarge image on mouse over......
    Hi Rohit,
    Try the following simple code if it can solve your problem :

    <title>Image Testing in html</title>
    [img]C:/Documents and Settings/shalinig/Desktop/Temp/MusicTest/images/image003.jpg[/img]
 is image enlarge testing in html
    /* Method called on mouse over for increasing image's size,size(here 50) can be changed acc to your requirements */
    function enLargeImage(){
    var height=document.getElementById("imageId").height;
    var width=document.getElementById("imageId").width;

    Thanks & regards
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  • Sahithi Pallavi

    MemberMar 28, 2012

    The problem with this script is -
    1. The image enlarges every time on mouse over, so the size of the image keeps on increasing.
    2. It is not returning to its original size after the mouse out.
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