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A Statue that Shows India Has No Room for its Tired, Huddled Masses

Generally I have seen that Maharashtra behaves more sensibly than other rabble rousing states. Heard about this Shivaji splurge of taxpayers' money.
Does not seem right.

What is the take of CEans (not just Maha CEans) on this?

Statue that Shows India Has No Room for its Poor, Huddled Masses
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 25, 2016
Well, I've mixed views on this.

The forts built by Shivaji Maharaj are all dilapidated. I'd have vouched for restoring of those forts first over building a new statue and memorial. But I'm not against building a statue.

I saw uproar on Twitter yesterday that money could have been used for the welfare of the poor. Yes, it could have been; but the statue has potential to generate long term revenue from foreign visitors. I am keeping my fingers crossed for government taking up initiatives to build tourism all over Maharashtra.

Plus, it's all about politics of cast and religion. People do still vote in the name of cast (not just religion). If any political party has to remain in power; it must keep lot of people happy. I think Maharashtra government does know what it's doing. Devendra Fadnavis is one of the best CMs in the country, in my opinion.

For once, I'm really happy with the way Maharashtra government has been functioning. Those talking about 'farmers suicides' and helping poor people do not know the ground reality. I've had very interesting talks with reporters who've been touring the remotest part of Maharashtra and found out that the reality is very different from what the political parties (the opposition) makes out of it.

Overall - I support the statue. The government is on the right track and should be given time to show change. After all, they had to begin from 'minus' and will have to pass through 'zero' before we get 'positive'.
I agree. maha government has generally done well. I don't think much about the helping farmers and the poor. Most of those who wave that flag rarely do anything constructive.
Countries like Vietnam, and Cambodia have done well developing tourism.
Karnataka has so much more to show. Yet Badhami, Ayhole are hopeless in infrastructure.
I also have great appreciation for Fadnavis.

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