A lil problem with my PC - slow response time

Hey my dear CE'ans....
I m facing a small problem with my PC.It all started about a couple of months back.When my PC starts n enter into its windows XP mode,it takes about 2-3 minutes for it to start applications like windows media player,internet explorer or such web based applications.even when i try to turn down the volume level it shows the result after 2-3 min.I think there's been a firewall setting.But its 2 irritating....
Plzz help me with this.....i get bored sitting idly infront my PC for 2-3 min which seem 2 long 4 me..!!:smile:


  • mahul
    hey r u using any other os? have u checked ur pc with some anti virus software? if yes pls notify which.if ur using any other os pls tell us abt its performance.anything can be said conclusively only if u tell us abt these things. there s a vast possibility of causes..may be some virus,some setting bt 2 me this seems 2 be a problem with ur hard disk....1 of my frnds had such a problem n this turned out 2 be the cause, a faulty hdd was slowing down his disk access...a final conclusion cn only be drawn wen u inform abt the whole thing....if u haven't checked out with some antivirus,do scan ur pc with avast or nod32...and keep us posted
    best of luck!!
  • sracenta
    u very 1st check for antivirus
    i suggest use online test for virus
    hmmm u can use avg which is free n good
    then remove all temporary files from c drive user as well as windowsz folder
    try to use minimum no of shortcuts on desktop
    then check ur starting program
    try to minimize them as u can

    also uninstall all temporary based softwares...

    dont use themes for windows
  • becool
    wel thnx fot the suggestions...yes i do have the other OS n dat is Windows 98...I hav the latest version of Nod32 antivirus....I hav scanned it my PC but not the sytem scan...i will try it out n i let u knw the results:smile:
  • mahul
    mention how ur computer's performance with the windows 98
  • Prasad Ajinkya
    Prasad Ajinkya
    msconfig and check the services and startup programs. remove all the junk programs from the list. nod32 is kinda light on the system, so keep it on, you may want to disable the threatsense option in nod32 though.

    are you using any 3rd party firewall like zonealarm?

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