A Helium Balloon Ride In 2016 Shall Take You Out Of The World. Literally.

A small-scale business based in Arizona, The Paragon Space Development Corporation, has employed existing technology in the development of a helium balloon that'll almost fly you to the edge of the space. For US$75,000, the balloon called ‘World View commercial space tourism vehicle’ shall fly passengers to nearly 30 kilometers (almost 98,500 feet) above ground level. A space-qualified capsule shall act as a seating compartment beneath the balloon, and at a time shall be able to accommodate up to eight travelers. This capsule now shall be highly pressurized to ensure a breathable ecosystem as the vessel rises to the stated distance in its nearly 2 hour long journey.


Those who enjoyed watching Earth's rim in the recently released Hollywood beauty Gravity, can take in from that height the fresh blue-black that the earth has got to offer. Know more about this project here: #-Link-Snipped-#

Watch the simulation:


  • Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Saandeep Sreerambatla
    This is incredible and awesome, but shelling out 45 lakh rupees for this?

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