A BigTalk with BigK - Part 1

I don’t want to write any introduction here. Do you think I am bored or I am tired to write? Nah, Actually this man doesn’t need any introduction. You all know him well. And this interview makes you all to know him very well. He is a Big Man, a Big Creator, a Country lover, a Good Administrator, a top most International blogger who recently got the first chance to visit Israil with a free of cost; He is #-Link-Snipped-#the CEO of CrazyEngineers Technologies Private Limited. You might have already seen his interviews in many websites and yeah in CE too; Though we have asked him for an interview to know more about him, luckily we have done it and finally here it is. Actually our Good Administrator’s name is Kaustubh but he is mostly popular as the Big_K or the Biggie. He likes singing, travelling, reading, guitaring and so on. So Let us start the Big talk with our Big K.

CE : We know a bit about The_Big_K, A Good Administrator, A social thinker. But now tell us a bit about Kaustubh.
K: First of all thank you for this opportunity & featuring me in the KYCEan. I think I’m far from being a social thinker. Kaustubh is my real name. I’ve a detailed page describing me here: #-Link-Snipped-#

CE : You are always against to the politics & corruption, why don’t you step on to the politics and become a people’s good leader?
K: I’m not against ‘politics’. I am against corruption. I’ll definitely join politics in future once I’ve taken care of my goals. I’d first like to succeed in business and create a company along with our talented CEans that all engineers would want to work for.

CE : Do you like pets, if yes, what would you like to have or you don’t have time to think of pets?
K: I like animals – of all kinds, including humans. I’m yet to develop liking for reptiles. I don’t have the time and willingness to have a pet.

CE : How do you feel if some companies make “Should be a CEan” as their eligibility criteria?
K: That’s a cool idea. If not other companies, CrazyEngineers (company) will hire engineers only if they are members of our site.

CE : Have you ever dreamed on CE & CE discussions? If yes, share with us.
K: I sleep so well that there are no dreams. On few occasions, there have been dreams about big CrazyEngineers Campus with traffic lights, segways, CEans commuting on bicycles, state of the art & green buildings and so on.

CE : AKD is The Editor In Chief, The Moderator and many more huge responsibilities. How do you feel about her contribution to CE?
K: She is the present and future of CrazyEngineers.

CE : Is there any difference between kaustubh and Biggie?

K: I’m Kaustubh for my family and relatives; ‘Big K aka Biggie’ for the rest of the world.

CE : If you were given a chance to implement a rule for our country, the very first one you do is?
K: I’d make ‘patriotism’ a rule; but I don’t know how. Nobody I see around, has it. A rule that would force everyone to be patriotic. It will solve 99% of any country’s problem.

CE : Have you ever thought of taking rest/enjoying with family for a week without computer and all?
K: Computer is a part of my family. What’s your question?

CE : Honesty is the Best Policy; Does it work all the times?
K: Yes. 100% of the times. Period.

CE : If you construct a College/University, What kind of education system you will follow and how can you maintain your college in this huge traffic?
K: I’ve learned a bit about the ‘Gurukul’ system of education that existed in India. From what I’ve learned it seems to be a way better system than the current one.

Current education system produces clerks who only hope that robots won’t replace them in future. I’ve not thought about its management at this point.

CE : Do you believe in luck? Or only Hardwork with dedication is enough?
K: Luck follows those who work hard with a goal in mind. I’m not sure about ‘Luck’, but sometimes it does kick in.

CE : Let us know why you are paying so much attention on your SuperBlog these days?
K: The Superblog is responsible for offering me the Once In A Lifetime Trip. Check it out here: #-Link-Snipped-#

CE : What is the message you want to give for budding entrepreneurs?
K: It’s too early for me to give messages to anyone. I believe entrepreneurship is
worth trying if you think there’s an entrepreneur inside you. Choose your
entrepreneurial domain based on what you love doing.

CE : Budding Entrepreneurs mostly think about financial aspects for their start ups. Why don’t you tell us how you have managed CE? So that they may know the real things?
K: Finance is very important and no business can survive without it. But starting a venture with the sole focus on money making may not always help. For the first 3 years of CE, we didn’t make a single buck. I’d pay for the server rent, bandwidth, domain, and competitions from my personal savings and salary. It never looked like a ‘burden’ as I enjoyed every bit of it.

But later, the site grew beyond me and it had to find out ways to pay for its own bills and keep growing. Advertising is tried and tested model which allows us to keep CE free for everyone and keep it growing. But that’s not our business model.

I didn’t start CE to make money from it. Even today, ‘making money’ isn’t the only purpose. As I’ve said earlier, we’re taking steps to be an Engineering Company where every engineer will die to work. Finance is an important aspect of the whole process.

CE : Do you think entrepreneurship can be taught in classrooms?
K: I don’t know how entrepreneurship is taught in classrooms. I believe entrepreneurs are mostly ‘born’ and some are ‘forced’. There are individuals who have this natural ‘wish/want/fire’ in them to be an entrepreneur. Some are forced into entrepreneurship by circumstances and situations.

Various aspects of running a business can be taught in classrooms (legal procedures, processes, finance management etc.). But I firmly believe that classrooms can’t turn a non-entrepreneur into entrepreneur.

Very Simple Questions

  1. Mobile OR Laptop? – Tablets With Physical Keyboards. Touchscreens suck when it comes to some serious typing.
  2. Guitar OR Keyboard? - Guitar for me. Keyboard if someone plays it right. Travelling OR Singing?- Both.
  3. Rajinikanth OR Asin? – Rajinikanth.
  4. Kaustubh OR The_Big_K? - Why’s the an ‘OR’?
  5. Keypad OR Touchscreen? – Physical keyboard for serious typing. Touchscreen for everything else.
  6. Movie OR Friends? – Movie with friends.
  7. TableTennis OR Batminton? – Table Tennis after Badminton.
  8. Bike OR Car? – Superbike & Super Car.

We have planned his interview in two parts. The First part is live now and the second part will be later on. We are verily thankful to BigK for answering our huge set of questions with his good patience. And we are also thankful to the helping hands CEan-Cooldudeiet and CEan-Reya.

And All the Very Best Biggie
, Have a successful, Fruitful life & career ahead.

And CEans, You have to wait to know more and more about Biggie and about CE too 😉


  • Gurjeet Singh
    Gurjeet Singh
    Awesome Read through the First line till End .....

    @CEans : hope you will be waiting for the second part 😀
  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    Super One. I am coming out of age to appreciate both you and sada in facebook style, dear K. "Super Like","awsm","u rock"!
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Great Read! 😁 BigTalk with Biggie was a good name for this KYCEan. 😉
  • Mr.Don
    Great Interview Sada. 😀

    Biggie you Rock

    waiting for part 2
  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    Great Job Sada and team. 😀
  • zaveri
    the intro part in #-Link-Snipped-# was hilarious

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