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@Anoop Kumar • 01 Dec, 2012 • 3 likes
Simplest explanation! Ever wondered why does this equation hold true? Check out the explanation -

edit: typo mistake in heading, please correct to taught.
@Ramani Aswath • 08 Dec, 2012 The Maharashtrian mathematecian Bhaskara II gave an interesting algebraic proof of the pythagorean Theorem:
Proof #4
The fourth approach starts with the same four triangles, except that, this time, they combine to form a square with the side (a + b) and a hole with the side c. We can compute the area of the big square in two ways. Thus
(a + b)² = 4·ab/2 + c²
simplifying which we get the needed identity.
A proof which combines this with proof #3 is credited to the 12th century Hindu mathematician Bhaskara (Bhaskara II):
Here we add the two identities
c² = (a - b)² + 4·ab/2 and
c² = (a + b)² - 4·ab/2
which gives
2c² = 2a² + 2b².
The latter needs only be divided by 2.

TEachers must make it interesting to students.

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