9/11 Fallen’s daughter selling Handbag As A Tribute

9/11 was known all over the world.
For the 10 th anniversary of 9 / 11, is a tribute to a girl who lost her father.But she does not know everyone thinks it is appropriate, reports CBS 2 Tony Aiello.
"I wanted to be a symbol of love and conscience," said Jen Mascali.Hangs on his hands - but it comes from the heart."This is how I remember something my father," he said.
Mascali father, Joe, was killed when a first operation, the Twin Towers fell on September 11, 2001. "He did things with honor, and I try to live my life through his example," said Mascali.
So for the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack, Mascali designed the "memory" of the bag.
Mascali said that the purse to shout '9 / 11 'from a block away is by design. The simple red tote is handmade in Italy. The most striking design embossed leather tag.
"And there is a quotation ..." every life is a miracle that will change the world and leave a better place than it was before, "said Mascali.


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