7 C's of Written Communication

  1. Clear -In terms of -Basic Information.
  2. Concise - In terms of -Shorter but correct.
  3. Concrete - In terms of - what requirement is to be specified.
  4. Correct
  5. Coherent - In temrs of - Not to include too much of information.
  6. Complete - In terms of - Grammer and information.
  7. Courteous


  • born_star16
    7 C’s of Communicating:

    1. Clear
    #Ensure that your messages are clear, so that they are effective.

    1. Concise
    #Trough brevity, there’s clarity; less is more. Speak through the words that your intended audience is comfortable with, no more or less than absolutely necessary.
    #Know the language familiar to your audience.
    #Eliminate buzzwords.
    1. Concrete
    #You have a choice in your writing to use concrete (specific) or abstract (vague) words. While each has a place in business writing, concrete terms are typically more
    accurate and believable.
    1. Correct
    #Accurate and correct content ranges in characteristics from the value of comprehensiveness of expertise shared on any given subject, to spelling, grammar, punctuation and
    1. Coherent
    #Messages must make sense. They must be digestible. They must connect with those who come into contact with them. A message’s flow and processing should be seamless.
    1. Complete
    #Information must be complete and definitive, ensuring that more questions are answered than raised.
    1. Courteous
    #Establishing goodwill is as much a function of delivery as it is format.
    #Ensure that messages and stories are thoughtful and worthy of the intelligence and emotions of those whom we’re trying to reach.

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