3G or 4G or VoIP

i`m a student in the last year communications and electronics engineering i`m aiming for a good graduation project , i`m thinking about built a simulation program that simulate a signal processing through Tx and Rx of a W-CDMA or WiMAX mobile system dont know yet , which one i should choice ? i know that WiMAX is still in developing stage so is it a good idea to take the risk and begin in a project like this and does it deserve this ?

what is the programing language that u recommend to program my simulation program with ? and why?

also im thinking about a project about the VoIP but i really no nothing about it , so any key ideas to compare between the 3 project
i also need books that directly related to the 3 topics mentioned.

i want to have a project that gives me a bust in my job not only a normal project ..

waiting for your answers , your help will be really appreciated .


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