3D XPoint Memory Technology Is 1000x Faster Than NAND

The NAND flash memory was first introduced back in 1989 and it continues to be one of the most popular memory technologies even today. Engineers at Intel and Micron have worked together to produce a new class of memory that promises exceptional boost to the performance of personal computers and data center servers. This technology will also open new avenues for research in machine learning, allow real time tracking of various diseases and may make way for future 8K computer gaming.

Intel says that it's the first time in last 25 years that a new memory category has been created. Called the 3D XPoint technology, this non-volatile memory will boost any application that requires fast access to large data sets. Intel and Micron have already began the production of the memory to cater to the large amounts of data generated by IoT devices. Intel says 3D XPoint offers 1000x the endurance over NAND is 10x denser than traditional memory.


The 3D XPoint technology solves the decade old problem memory industry has faced - mainly reduction of the lag time between the CPU and memory. The new technology addresses this problem to a great extent and hence it may lead to exceptional improvement in the performance of computing machines.

Intel's official PR mentions that the world created about 4.4 zettabytes of data and it's expected that the size will grow to 44 zettabytes in 2020. 3D XPoint technology will take only nanoseconds to turn all this data into usable information. The applications of this technology are very interesting. Large financial institutions will be able to quickly identify patterns in financial transactions to detect fraud. The healthcare industry will benefit from faster processing of medical data, in real time. The technology also will make way for the future of very immersive, 8K gaming.

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