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friendster7 • Mar 25, 2008

3 Conferences: Java, Eclipse, Enterprise Architectures


Here is a unique opportunity to participate in 3 IT conferences - JAX India 2008, Enterprise Architecture India 2008 and Eclipse Forum India 2008, all taking place at the same time and venue, at the J N Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore, India on 8-11 April 2008. The core of the program is aimed at dissemination of information on all [FONT=verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif][FONT=verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Java [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif][FONT=verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]technologies[/FONT][/FONT], Eclipse and related technologies, Enterprise Architectures, and SOA, which are necessary ingredients for a successful business. The pricing is such, that you can even register for 1 day!

For More information :JAX India 2008 - Conference for Enterprise Java, SOA, Spring, Web Services, Ajax, Agile and more. 08-11 April 2008, Bangalore, India

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