• Hello, unsuspecting victims everywhere! It’s that that time of the year again as we get ourselves ready to be amused by people around us. Today we bring for you the biggest pranks that major companies around the world have concocted.

    Google’s Gmail Shelfie

    Google has tapped into the present trend of Selfies and made up the first prank for us on Gmail. Gmail will now “allow” you take selfie and post it as your custom theme. If you wish you can also choose from popular selfies from the Gmail Shelfie, the SHareable sELFIE. You can choose from trending selfies. To be honest I got fooled by it as I tried this and it worked, sort of. Go ahead try it and have a laugh.

    Gmail Shelfie

    Source: #-Link-Snipped-#

    Become a Pokémon Master

    The #-Link-Snipped-# shared a post titled “Become a Pokémon Master with Google Maps”. According to the post, Google and Nintendo are working together to develop a new training tool to help people hone their Pokémon-capturing abilities using Google Maps.

    Dozens of wild Pokémon have taken up residence on streets, amidst forests and atop mountains throughout Google Maps. To find and catch ‘em all, you’ll need to tap into your inner Pokémon Master.
    Google’s Google+ Auto Awesome Photobombs with David Hasselhoff

    Photobombs by celebrities are common now days, but what if you could make a celebrity photobomb your photos. Yes it is now apparently possible thanks to Google+ Auto Awesome Photobombs where you can watch Baywatch star David Hasselhoff photobomb you in three amazing ways.


    Source: #-Link-Snipped-#

    Flipkart’s Fliptraveller

    Flipkart is offering you to travel free as guest deliverers who can travel for free anywhere in the country if they agree to deliver the goods to their customers 😉. So start packing to travel with Flipkart.


    Source: #-Link-Snipped-#

    Waze SingleSpotter

    You might remember that Google had acquired mapping service company Waze last year, this year they are announcing that will revolutionise the way we date. The blog announces that they have acquired a new software called SingleSpotter that picks up your data (from smartphone activity and facebook statuses and some other weird things) to identify if you are single and it alerts you when it finds a suitable candidate for you and it also helps you to get there faster


    Source: #-Link-Snipped-#

    Sony’s Powerfood

    Every gadget runs out of charge at the worst possible time so Sony has apparently invented a new enzyme that can convert any food that we humans eat into energy which can later be used to power our smartphones, tablets and everything else. If only that were true, but still have a look at the video below.

    Sony also spoils the fun because at the end of the blog it asks us to see what the date today is. Seriously , Sony it’s like amateur hour when it comes to pranks by you.

    Nokia 3310 Gets 41MP Camera & Windows Phone OS

    Cue the Nokia 3310 toughness joke. Yes, Nokia has put a spin on its best selling/popular phone by adding in Windows Phone 8 and a whooping 41MP sensor on the back. Nokia has put the same PureView sensor that they use on the Lumia 1020 n this phone and introduced a new ‘Clear Diamond’ screen on the Nokia 3310 PureView. Nokia has made the press release as true as possible with a spec list as well as many product shots. The phone design looks amazing though, but it’s too good to be true.

    Nokia 3310

    Source: #-Link-Snipped-#

    BMW’s Force Injection Booster – Artificial G-force Technology

    You think you are missing out on all the speed freak fun because you drive within the speed limit? No problem, because BMW has launched its new patented artificial G-force technology. The Force Injection Booster technology simulates all the effects for super speed driving even when you are lumbering along on the roads with the push of a button. It apparently converts the kinetic energy being produced by the car’s engine into positive G-Forces. The forces are channeled along the AC vents and passengers are mildly electrocuted to make sure that they feel the adrenalin rush.


    Source: BMW introduces the Force Injection Booster – Artificial G-force technology

    HTC Gluuv: Smartphone Wearable Of The Future

    Guys at HTC have taken the wearable to the literally the next level with the HTC Gluuv. The glove accommodates your HTC One like no other accessory. The Gluvv takes gesture control to a whole new level by giving you the power to like any post on Facebook by giving a thumbs up and swipe to make a tweet. You also get a humongous 87.2 MP sensor on the Gluvv.


    Source: #-Link-Snipped-#

    Samsung Fingers: Better Than HTC Gluvv

    Now this is the smartphone glove you want. The Samsung Fingers does the things you could just imagine in your wildest dreams. Starting with “Talk to the Hand” that allows you to communicate with a third person while you are engaged in conversation with someone else. Next we have the Palm-Rec where you get your Samsung Fingers to feel what you are holding and ThermoPad capability that can heat up your coffee cup that you hold in your hand. The Voice and Snap Amp amplifies the whistling and snap of fingers sound. The best part is that the Samsung Fingers is solar-powered and you can charge it by opening up your hands like SRK. Call gestures are as mad as ever and the tech specs can even shame their flagship Galaxy S5.

    Samsung Fingers

    Source: #-Link-Snipped-#

    Google Chrome’s Translate To Emoji

    Google knows that often when you are too tired to type in the words we like use Emojis. Every Google Chrome user on Android and iOS can use the feature by going to the menu and selecting the “Translate to Emoji” where you get specific characters in our webpage translated into colourful Emojis.

    Source: #-Link-Snipped-#
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