“You cannot live life with excuses. Situations only take control of your life if you let them.” - Puneet Gupta, PosterGuy

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PosterGuy is a printing company founded by Puneet Gupta and Praneet Singh Sahai in the year 2014. PosterGuy is based in New Delhi, India.

Puneet completed Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in the year 2013. Puneet then co-founded My Epoch & Pi Notes in May 2013. PosterGuy is his second entrepreneurial venture. His co-founder, Praneet Sahai completed his graduation in Mechanical and Automation engineering from Amity University in the year 2013.

In an exclusive interview with CrazyEngineers.com, we got Puneet to talk about his experiences at his entrepreneurial ventures - PosterGuy, My Epoch & Pi Notes, his co-founder Praneet Sahai, his learning at IIT - Delhi that helped him startup with PosterGuy, and a lot more. Check out the following interview to find out how Puneet conceptualized Steve Jobs's saying "Design is how it works".

PuneetGupta-PosterGuy-CrazyEngineers1Puneet Gupta

CE:  Hi Puneet. Could you tell our readers something about PosterGuy that is still unknown?
It all started in last week of February, when suddenly some people told us that My Epoch is too difficult name to remember, you should change it. Meanwhile me and Praneet were discussing of expanding into more souvenirs. During our market research we found that we were just catering to subset of whole market. The people wanted to buy products which they can relate with an idea, idol or a belief and not just their alma mater. So there we were, discussing about our expansion into a larger market and people asking us to change the name. Afterwards it happened so fast, within a month we announced PosterGuy (giving our parents another shock!), started working on website, designs, machinery and launched Dr. Isomorpheus’s notebooks in his College Festival.

CE: How did you get in touch with Praneet Sahai, your co-founder at PosterGuy?
We met through a common friend. He was initially involved with us in My Epoch but soon left for a job.

CE: How did you conceptualize Steve Jobs's saying "Design is how it works"?
For us, process of designing is to solve a problem. We sit and discuss, what are we going to do next and why people are going to buy. During this year FIFA worldcup, everybody was focused on Football designs. We launched some ourselves. But our focus was on football fans not FIFA worldcup, how would they cherish the football more. We found a mug with Rotating Football in handles. It was different and a big hit. Similarly we improve our operations, finding effective solutions to problems apart from Jugaad.

CE:  What were your learning experiences at IIT Delhi that helped you startup with PosterGuy?
I did a Minor in Management Studies from IIT with my B.Tech. Two of the courses about marketing and creative problem solving helped me understand the need of a clearer vision and goal, the way to solve problems and to work in a team. Apart from these courses being coordinator of events helped in boosting in confidence. We had barged into offices of some well known company just to gain more insights without any prior appointment.

PuneetGupta-PosterGuy-CrazyEngineers2The PosterGuy Team

CE: You have previously co-founded My Epoch & Pi Notes. How has your entrepreneurial journey been?
Personally it has been fantastic. I learnt so many things. Prior to this I would never touch Coding. Now I have been through PHP, Python, Javascripts. You got to make decisions; you know the reason why you are working on something. The best part you get to meet amazing people, the people with will and vision to change the world. Surely we missed some opportunity to party, go out on trips with our friends but in the end we are very happy to see PosterGuy growing up.

CE: If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?
We would be launching Game of Throne’s exclusive merchandise in India on PosterGuy. Alas it will take some time maybe a year but we will.

CE:  If money was no object, what would you do all day?

I believe that Money lies on roads, you just need to bend and pick it up. I and Praneet chose PosterGuy over job and Masters because this is something we believe in and want to do.

CE: What is your favorite book that you would recommend to every aspiring entrepreneur?
The Dip by Seth Godin. It explains and inspires you to be the best in the world.

CE: Thank you for your time. Any message for our readers?

“You cannot live life with excuses. Situations only take control of your life if you let them.”

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