"Believe in your dreams and work hard to bring them to reality." - Payal Doshi​, PREXAM

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PREXAM.com, a product by Prime Softech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a testing tool for students to check their preparedness. PREXAM allows students to customize their own tests based on the subject and chapters selected. The tests are generated based on the combination chosen and questions are populated from the database every time a selection is made. This means that for every selection a new set of questions come up for the user.

Prime Softech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was started in August 2011, while PREXAM was launched in the year 2012, though the journey behind the concept of PREXAM dates back to when Payal was in second year of engineering.

In an exclusive interview with CrazyEngineers.com, we got Payal to talk about her experiences at PREXAM.com, how engineering helped her shape as a successful entrepreneur, what made her quit her job and startup with PREXAM, the importance of online training institutes and a lot more. Payal also discusses about the compulsions she has to face being a lady entrepreneur and how can people control their destiny. Read on!

PayalDoshi-PREXAM-CrazyEngineersPayal Doshi

CE: Hi Payal. Could you please give our readers a brief overview of PREXAM.com? 

Payal: We have always heard "Practice makes us Perfect". For each one preparing for competitive exams or entrance exams, "Practice" is the most essential keyword. Perfect practice would boost exam confidence. And if such practice is offered to you at your doorstep at the time convenient to you, there is nothing better than this.

PREXAM.com is one of such websites that offer exam preparation practice online. Prexam.com is scientifically designed system, to aid studying for exams, by professors who are teaching for more than 25 years. Once you create your account on PREXAM, the site becomes your personal trainer. It will allow you to select your test criteria and difficulty level of test paper. After the test you get instant evaluation of all your questions with tips and hints for all the questions. It has a preparation level indicator for each of the subject you take tests on. The system does not leave your here. It will make you take a separate test on incorrect and unanswered questions to check if you really learn through the tips and hints given to you and if you are improving or not.

As you keep taking tests, the system is continuously analyzing your weak areas and comparing your performance with others appearing for the same exam. All this analysis is presented to you in form of "Prep Analysis" graph and table which helps you improve your performance further.

Something like this is a best aid for students who study on their own, cannot afford coaching classes or do have access to good ones. Prexam is the best tool for studying. It gives you essential practice for your exam which in turn boosts your confidence as well as performance in exam.

We currently offer tests for CA-CPT, CS- Foundation, JEE Main, Medical Entrance, Bank Exams and Management Entrance Exams.

CE:  How did engineering help you shape as a successful entrepreneur?

I have specialized in Artificial Intelligence and this is helped me design such an intelligent system to help students with their studies. We are further planning to modify our test algorithm to be adaptive to students current level of preparation.

CE:  You have worked with various organizations like Korean Studies Institute, Tower Communications, etc. What made you take the plunge?

Payal: I worked as a Student Web Master at Korean Studies Institute and as a Software Developer Intern at Tower Communications while I was doing my Masters at USC. It was a very short work experience but had given me the fundamentals of developing enterprise class software and maintaining them and this experience has played a major role in my life as a technology entrepreneur.

I was always inclined towards entrepreneurship and to do something of my own. When I finished my master's instead of taking up a job I took up to develop Prexam.

CE: When you think back to your childhood, what was the hardest part about being a kid?

Payal: I couldn't really think of an answer to this. My childhood was smooth enough and I have been a leader throughout. I have always taken problems in life as challenges and have faced them boldly. And hence even if there was some hard part, it din't really bother me and probably that is the reason I don't remember any.

CE: How beneficial are online training institutes according to you?

Online Training Institutes are extremely helpful to one and all. To ones who had to leave studies early for monetary reasons, this is a boon. They can take up online courses while they work and learn new skills to increase their competitiveness. To ones who are working and want to grow, online courses come handy when you want to learn about courses about which you do not have formal knowledge. I myself attend online courses every now and then to gain more knowledge about topics of my concern. Today world is changing much faster than we can imagine and hence we need to keep ourselves updated to upcoming technologies and methodologies and online courses are handy tools for this.

CE:  If you could ask your future self one question what would it be? What's the answer?

I would ask myself that "Did I make a difference.". The answer today is yes but to a very small extent. I want it grow larger by the time I actually ask myself in future.

CE:  What compulsions do you have as a lady entrepreneur?

Only compulsion I can think of is that you have to drag a colleague with you for meetings with people you are working with for the first time.

Though being lady entrepreneur is rare in the technology sector, if you think and talk logically well, you are treated equally in today's world.


The Team

CE: Do you think people can control their own destiny?

Destiny is nothing but collection of what you put in each day for yourself. There are few things in life that are not in your control but if you decide to achieve something and put in efforts in right direction, you can definitely control your destiny.

CE: Thank you for your time. Any message for our readers?

Dream... And believe in your dreams... And work hard to bring them to reality.


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