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HaHa!!! Yea That is true.

<p>HaHa!!! Yea That is true.</p>

By - Sreedevi • 19 hours ago • 1.7k views

Gaurav Bora - Beamitlive

The biggest lesson that I have learnt is that if one does one's work with honesty and integrity, more often than not, one lands up at the right place at the right time.

Gaurav Bora
What is big data engineering?

By - Kaustubh • 1 month ago • 6.5k views

Let's learn about big data engineering, whether it's in demand, if it's different from data science engineering and career scope as a data engineer.

@thebigk | 30.2k views

When it comes to building a successful business - does age matter? Well, the data shows that it does. The average age of tech entrepreneurs at the time of IPO...

@thebigk | 13.2k views

Almost every engineer from the Indian middle class has considered working in a bank. Why? Traditionally, for most of Indian families - a bank job is safe, secure and gives...

@thebigk | 17.6k views

Question for fellow Civil engineers: Are Tar or Asphalt roads better than cement concrete roads? I've tried to list a few basic differences I've gathered from the Internet; but would...

Engineers Day India - 15 September

By - Kaustubh • 1 month ago • 11.6k views

Every year on 15 September, India celebrates Engineers Day in memory of Dr. M. Visvesvaraya (MV) - the foremost Civil Engineer of India, on his birthday.
Abhishek Patil - Oliveboard

The pace at which things happen in a startup teaches you to take the rejections &amp; failures in your stride and quickly move on.

Abhishek Patil


What is the difference b/w CSE and IT? How they correlate with each other..?
How to Become an Electrical Engineer?

By - Kaustubh • 1 month ago • 7.5k views

Let's understand how to become an electrical engineer, elibility criteria, steps involved and career opportunities after graduation. Follow this guide.

@thebigk | 19.5k views

Can an engineer become a doctor? If you got forced into studying engineering and want to go back to your first love - medicine (MBBS), what are your options? Let's...

@thebigk | 18.6k views

OpenAI has announced ChatGPT Plus and it costs $20 per month. For that price, you'll get -

  • General access to ChatGPT, even during peak times
  • Faster response times
  • Priority...

@thebigk | 6.8k views

A 300 ft. train is traveling 300 ft. per minute must travel through a 300 ft. long tunnel. How long will it take the train to travel through the tunnel?

@rohit | 4.7k views

I want to know what do our fellow engineers think about working from home for engineers. Post COVID pandemic, a lot of engineers began working from home.

Several of my...

Haripriya Bhagat - IndiaBizforSale

Keep challenging yourself. Don’t wait for the right time, take the time to do it right.

Haripriya Bhagat