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Youtube Go beta now available exclusively in India

Google has finally launched the YouTube app specifically designed for Indian users after six months from its announcement in second “Google for India” event, 2016. It’s a desperate attempt from Alphabet Inc. to increase brand presence and user engagement in emerging markets like India. As promised, the app is available only for Indian android users for now, but the company plans to release the app in other countries too after a successful run in India.


The Go version is designed to work in areas with weak or no internet connection. Feature like setting specific video resolution for online consumption as well as for download, preview video; allowing you to see a mini clip of the video before even playing it, makes this app entirely different from the normal YouTube app. Moreover, if one runs out of internet pack, video sharing without internet connection is also supported.

Since its announcement in September 2016, Google conducted extensive testing for months taking help from users given early access. The YouTube Go app took around a year of development and is still available in beta phase on Play Store. So, bugs are expected in this early release. Google thrives on online usage, but it seems even they are embracing the offline user needs.

The war between telecom companies-raged by cheap internet prices from Reliance Jio- suddenly made internet accessible to millions of Indian citizens. As cheap data plans will be prevalent for upcoming few years, YouTube Go has taken a stand to provide seamless video streaming at low speeds. And that’s a great move from Google targeting the “next billion” internet users.

Source: PlayStore

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