22 Dec 2016

Your Thoughts On Demonetisation - For It or Against It?

The Indian Government took a very bold step on November 8; announcing that the currency notes in denominations of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 have been withdrawn effective immediately. The move indeed was unexpected as majority of the high-value transactions in urban India were done through these notes. The high denomination notes were also one of the major causes of black-money generation in India.

I'd like to know how do our fellow CEans look at this move? What are your thoughts? Are you for it or against it? OR do you see it as a 'big scam' like opposing political parties in India?
23 Dec 2016
It is a good step bravely taken by Modi at a considerable personal cost.
As for me, I rarely use cash (Since 1980). Purse strings are held by the better half. For bills and such I use net banking or card online. My wife doles out small cash if I am sent on petty shopping.


Branch Unspecified
23 Dec 2016
My point of view is it's a best decision taken by our prathan manthri modi ji but there is lot of troubles in implementation due to irresponsible officials in banks

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