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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 22, 2008

Your New Year Resolution

Time to declare your new year [2009] resolution.

Big K's New Year Resolution

1. Pay attention to health.
2. Sleep more :smile:
3. Work on honing guitaring skills.
4. Blog more
5. :sshhh:
anuragh27crony • Dec 23, 2008
well nice initiative.....

My New Year Resolution
1. Have a girl friend.. 😉
2. Spend more time with my Family
3. Look out to add more colours in Life 😀
4. Progress towards my Goal

Though the list goes on... i hope these are of top priority
shalini_goel14 • Dec 23, 2008
My 2009 year Resolution:

1. Getting lots and lots of work this year. I do not want even a single second free for myself. I want to keep myself as busy as I can 😀 .
2. Of course should get enough time to do fun also. ;-)
3. Get good rating in action letter.
4. Get salary hike.
5. Get good food to eat everyday.
6. Focussing on effective time management.
aashima • Dec 23, 2008
Though I hardly live upto my expectations, but still I don't fail in framing new year resolutions.
Mine are :
1. Want to realize value of time.
2. Want to start and lead my career in accordance with my interests. (for this year, just start! 😁)
3. Want to establish a regulated daily routine to include things other than work.

That will be all! 😁
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 23, 2008
Every CEan should add this to his/her resolution list :-

-> Be more active on CE 😁
syedaafaq • Dec 23, 2008
my resolutions are:
1. get 8 pack abs and a good muscular body.
2. develop a new project for my final year.
3. improve my english.
4. to prepare myself for writing selection exam of indian air force.
5. to join in any part time job.
6. etc
n. to change these resolutions into reality in the coming year...

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