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rosh009 • Oct 11, 2006

Your Dream Machine

well!this is a thread where you can swing your imagination like never before😉 and list out the features of YOUR DREAM MACHINE that you desire to have in your LIFE!😎
machine can be referred to as anything and everything in our daily life,[ need not be restricted only to cars and bikes].
Neha • Oct 11, 2006
Well, what if I could get a machine that could give my exams and let me top the university😉
aashima • Oct 11, 2006
Quite interesting thread! Well talking about the imagination, it has no defined limit! Can go to heights and then higher and higher...
Never thought of this before but could think of one at the moment, something that could easily make up my room and manage all the things to their defined places. In today's life when everyone is in a haste all the time to leave for something or the other, managing our belongings becomes a tiring job!!! Well it is the case atleast for me 😀
xheavenlyx • Oct 11, 2006
Dont worry aashima, my company will help you in having this dream machine!!

😀 The Personal Trainer, but remember never to get lazy and let 'her' do all the work!

My dream machine would be a suit which can fly, walk or float when I wear it! I feel its in the near future.
Mahesh • Oct 12, 2006
My Dream machine is Time machine so that I can move in time to and fro and can meet any person of any age of any generation and can discover many mysterious facts of today.
james anderson
james anderson • Aug 21, 2007
My dream machine is 747-400 jumbo which I would like to fly at least once in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elisa • Aug 27, 2007
My dream machine would be the one that would take me in future! 😀
Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Aug 28, 2007
Its more like a dream room really, but well what the heck. An 80-inch Plasma screen monitor + cable TV + the works. Attached to it a powerful gaming machine ... GeForce 8800 onwards 😀 ... wireless keyb + mouse ... great surround sound (havent frozen on the sound card on this one .. help would be appreciated fellows) ... noise-proof speakers 😀 ... throw in a joystick and a leased line and i should be good to go!!
priya mandole
priya mandole • Jan 14, 2008
well my dream- making a vehicle which would run produce least pollution in the surrounding compared 2 others, would u gide me in that?
Hemanth • Feb 24, 2008
Machine that would bring all my dreams to reality...😁
gohm • Mar 26, 2008
sonasathish • Jul 28, 2008
I would like to have a time machine where i can go to the future and the past and change all the things to run in my way!
prabakarnaidu • Sep 13, 2008
Hmmmm. For now my dream machine would be a M3 powered to 460hp (343kW) total with torquw improved to 328lb-ft (445Nm), up from the standard 295lb-ft (400Nm). The most important thing, removing the electronic speed limiter, allowing the M3 to reach almost 200mph (320km/h).
shalini_goel14 • Oct 20, 2008
My dream machine would be one which I can use for reading human minds and the way they see the things around them and can tell me how much and which part of brain a person use in a particular situation.

I think I should go for some neuro science type studies.;-)
YourTechMate • Oct 20, 2008
How About a wish machine that could generate machines that could fulfull wishes. hoooff.

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