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Xiaomi has a good news for fitness freaks: '90 minutes Ultra Smart' running shoes launched in China

Are you a calceophile or an everyday person who just needs good shoes to support his leg muscles? If you belong to the category or happen to possess a geeky heart with a rare beta testing quality, you might jump in, to grab the newest 90 Minutes Ultra Smart running shoes, recently launched by Xiaomi spin-off MiJia brand. Unique enough, the large endorsement of Xiaomi in China is not only limited to phones but other smart wears that feature a variety of technology. These fancy athletic sneakers are now available in Mi online sin China.


A website named gizmo china reports that the shoe was developed by the Shanghai Runmi Technology Co. Ltd. Made of a foam type material, the sports shoes claim to provide super comfort while you are running. The antibacterial removable in-sole of the shoes further offers a premium design with an arch support balance sheet and anti-skid wear. Although quality shoes do possess similar specifications, the pair of smart technology is one of its kind as it has an intel curie chip inside.

The hardware design is comparable to the conventional fitness trackers that are powered by ARM chips. However, Intel curie (following x86 instruction set) is specially crafted to push all smart wearable devices as claimed by Intel. The Curie module is equipped with Intel Quark SE SoC that can run for extended hours with the help of only a penny-sized battery. The module also comes packed with 6 axis combo sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, and Bluetooth low energy. Talking about its intelligence, it boasts of a 384kB flash memory and 80kB SRAM.


Services provided by the unit include detection of movement and storing of data for example distance covered, speed, calories lost etc. Also, it can predict whether you are walking, running or climbing, giving you a feature touch delight. Offered in Blue, Black and Pink variants, the Blue ones are event ready with its fluorescent detection cover.

From the look of it, the advertisement announces a crowd-funding event that had a target to ship 1000 pieces but experienced a surplus of 10267 pieces. The shipment procedure will start from April 15th. Priced at, 299 Yuan ($43) which is near about Rs 2,900 is expected to show its face internationally as soon as possible.

Source: Xiaomi Mi | GizmoChina

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