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garrettcarr • Nov 17, 2008

Writer's research for novel [Mobile phone operation]

Hello there
My name is Garrett Carr and I am writing an adventure novel for teenage readers. It will be called ‘Lost Dogs’ and, if everything works out, will be published in about a year and a half. One of my characters wants to use a mobile phone to remotely trigger the opening of a door in a ship. Its opening mechanism is electronic. He will wire in a mobile phone to the mechanism and call it to trigger the door into opening.

I am lacking the real world practicalities of how this would be done. What would it actually look like? Open the back of the phone and how will he actually wire into the ring voltage? Or would it be better to use a lighting-up phone and wire into the light voltage? I assume it would take it two copper wires soldered somewhere into the phone and run to the door mechanism but physically how would they fed into that?

Below are some the plot points into which this story element fits. If you have any creative suggestions that would be great.

Once the door is open it can stay open, he does not need to close it again.

It does not matter if the phone makes an audible ring or not.

Preparing the phone can be done in the comfort of home. Wiring it into the door mechanism will have to be done quicker. I am imagining he will approach the door with the phone prepped, wires sticking out from under the casing, and a battery-operated soldering iron. What else might he need and what would he do with it?

For reasons related to the rest of the story he has access to unwanted kitchen equipment (microwaves, blenders, that kind of thing). It would be great for the narrative drive if any parts he needs can be taken out of this equipment.

Thank you in advance.

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