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dave_at_ub • Oct 21, 2007

Wireless camera project

Hey everyone,

I am in the process of completing my senior design project in school and am in need of some assistance with a portion of it. Essentially want I am looking to do is take a color camera (composite output) and transmit the signal wirelessly to a small screen. Additionally, I need the ability to communicate back to the camera (through my power control circuit) to turn the device on and off. I have found some kits that will do the video transmission and also instructions on how to turn the circuit on and off. What I would like to do is bypass the kit idea and try to build my own system using a set of 2.4GHz transceivers. What I cannot figure out is what I will need between the camera and transceiver and the other transceiver and screen. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Im not too sure, perhaps the video encoder between the camera and transmitter? and also some sorta video driver chip to display on screen.. hmm.

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