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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 27, 2006

Windows Media Player 11 Beta


MS innovating! Check out their latest media player - Windows Media Player 11 Beta.

I'm really impressed by the graphics and color scheme. Let us review their latest software and compare it with other media players. Say what?

Rush in your comments ! 😁

-The Big K-
rick • May 27, 2006
I'll download it and use it for 3 days before posting my review. I currently use winamp to play music. WMP 11 screenshots are amazing. I'm looking forward to some great plugins though.
crook • May 27, 2006
crook reviews

Thanks for the link biggie. I downloaded the media player beta and now its my default media player 😲

Microsoft has done a fabulous job with the new media player. The first thing that catches your attention is the blue 'play' button. It looks really nice and the tabs on the top. For graphics I give them 9/10 .

[​IMG] for the bid download file. Its around 24 MB and takes about 15 minutes @256kbps line.

The DSP effect plugin is fantastic. I used it with winamp and the bass booster rocks. Visualizations are copied from earlier version of WMP .

MS did a good job with playlist management and synch with mp3 players. So 8/10 on that front.

crook 😁
desijays • Nov 15, 2006
i just got a new laptop. The xps m1710. It naturally came with all the bloat that dell laptops usually ship with. So i just re-installed XP and was searching for a media player and I wanted one that was portable. As 'the crook' ;-) says, the download is kinda big and is a let off..

none-the-less, ive used WMP 11, not the beta, the latest. I liked it. it was quite good. but again comes with its own bloat in the form of URGE music service. And the major drawback is that its not portable. But i suppose thats not a problem for some of you guys.

So i switched over the portable winamp ( no installation necessary ) for music and portable VLC for video files ( again no installation necessary ).

If you go by looks, then I'm sure VLC doesn't even come close to WMP 11. But functionality wise, its just as good or even better. And winamp can sometimes look better than WMP 11 with the proper skins. And the best part about both these applications is that neither needs an installation. They work directly from the folder they reside in.

So obviously you can carry it around in your stick wherever you want. Just in case you happen to be at your friends house with a nice DVD and he doesn't have any media player installed... this comes in handy. 😀

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