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Windows 9 and Windows 10 Update Release Date & Rumors Emerge

As everyone is excited about the return of Start Button on with the Windows 8.1 update on October 18, someone has decided to tease us with future Microsoft releases. WZOR, who is known for his string of leaks from Microsoft, has come up with details on Windows 9 and Windows 10. According to him, Windows 9 will bring back ‘Aero’ theme and shall be launched in 2014. This rush in release cycle seems out of place but if we consider how Microsoft is able to deliver Windows 8.1 just days before the first anniversary of its predecessor, the claim does not seem that farfetched.

Windows 9

The next release, Windows 10 will be Microsoft’s attempt to go on head-to-head with Google’s Chrome OS. Windows 10 is going to be completely cloud based OS where the actual computing will be done by Microsoft’s servers and processed data will be sent back to the desktop. A concept of Windows 10 shall be up for internal testing from September. People at Geek, do not think that Microsoft has the ability to launch this kind of OS anytime soon. Even though Microsoft is pushing cloud based services like Office 365, taking the OS completely online will be difficult. Finally according to WZOR, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT shall be merged together. Seeing how Windows RT has been liability for Microsoft it is wiser for them to merge its capabilities with the rather successful Windows Phone 8.

Before you get all worked up and start discussing Microsoft’s new moves, we shall advise you to wait for some time before some concrete information surfaces because this information was sent to WZOR by a third party (and not a Microsoft employee) and he decided to put up the leaked information in Russian on a paid forum which was translated by using the often erroneous ‘Google Translate’ by the folks over at Win Beta.
Hoping upcoming win 8.1 update may have the resolved issues of 8 mostly the driver's issue which is main backdrop...
Hoping upcoming win 8.1 update may have the resolved issues of 8 mostly the driver's issue which is main backdrop...
So anyone out here do post a review on the windows 8.1 update after its release so that we could design on its purchase or upgrade
Nayan Goenka
Nayan Goenka • Aug 28, 2013
Windows 9 seems to be a roll back of some sort. Aero Theme 😛

Anyways speaking about the cloud based OS, Even I dont think so that Microsoft is able to deliver such a product in near future lets say 5 years. Cloud Computing needs compatible hardware and other necessary infrastructure and for that 5 years is a minimum total replacement period to get upgraded. Even if they launch, it is most likely to fail. Smart move is to wait

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