Windows 8 Tablet Hardware Specs - Your Take On It?

Following are the salient points of the minimum hardware requirements for a Windows 8 operating system based tablet. I'm curious to know your take on it.
  1. ARM based tablets won't allow disabling of secure booting. That means you won't be able to install another operating system (dual boot).
  2. Windows Key + Power Button is your "CTRL+ALT+DEL".
  3. If NFC is included; the hardware will have physical mark to indicate the point of 'plonk'.
  4. Each tablet must have: Rotation Lock, Power, Windows Key, Volume UP/DOWN Keys.
  5. Every machine must run UFEI & there must be at least 10 GB free space after all OS updates have been installed.
  6. Every Windows 8 Tablet must have one USB 2.0 port, a magnetometer, speakers, Bluetooth 4.0, WLAN, gyroscope and accelerometer.
  7. 720p resolution minimum for the camera.
  8. Minimum display resolution for Windows 8 tablet should be: 1366 x 768 px.
  9. Graphics drivers update possible without rebooting the tablet.
How does that sound to you? ☕
Awaiting comments! 😘

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