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28 Sep 2016

Wind Tunnel Project

Hi everyone,

I am working on a Wind Tunnel and I have a hardware to modify from.

I have no clue about sensors and I need sensors to measure Airflow, Temperature and Pressure distribution in the Wind Tunnel, the equipments have to be capable of data logging to the computer using LabView software to run the system, an existing hardware of what I have as shown,
any expert please advise.
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28 Sep 2016
Something does not gel in the above. The diffuser from the test section with rectangular/square section to the circular fan does not look to be designed properly. The front inlet end settling chamber with screens and honeycombs to settle the flow prior to the accelerating contraction duct before the test section also seems inadequate.
29 Sep 2016
All sorts of sensors are described here:
Test & Measurement Sensors | Vehicle Testing Sensors

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