Jason Williams
Jason Williams
14 Dec 2018

Why There Is No Control On Who Adds Me To Their Whatsapp Group?

In Whatsapp I have seen anyone can create a group and add anyone without there consent. If I don't like then I will exit from that group but by any means I don't have any way to refuse to be get added to any unknown group.

Whatsapp has provided only blocking of  admin of such group and he cannot then add me to any group he wish. But this does not solve the problem.

Also there is a big issue of making anyone admin without any notice been sent to him.

Any admin of a group can make anyone as 'Admin' of that group and that person even don't get notified. Most of the time he will only know if there is any conflicting content shared by that group.

This is really annoying. Do anyone has pointer to share about it ?

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