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Saaru • Oct 10, 2011

Why different types of poles used for transmission lines?

why different types of poles in transmission lines are used?? poles of 11 kv before stepdown transformer goes in triangular shape
but 440 v lines after step down transformer goes parallel ???
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neo23 • Dec 29, 2011
Do not exaggerate this thing.
11 KV has not only triangular shape, but it can be taken horizontally also.
If you take it in a triangular way , only one pole is used/ But if taken in a horizontal plane two poles are used.
But the main question is not of the poles - It is of 1. How many circuit (which depends upon Current which is to be fed) 2. The Insulation Discs (Depending upon the voltage ...11 kv in your case)

Secondly , 440 v line requires 4 conductors to be laid on poles.
The voltage is very low as compared to HV poles. So very small discs are used. that can be embedded on a single pole.

And if you look on the 11 kv poles the size of the discs are bigger. And their numbers increase along with the voltage ratings
as per 2 per phase for 22 kv
3 per phase for 33 kv
so on.
not only this but the design of pole may vary on the basis of current being carried.... if current is large enough... a double circuit is used.
Thus these factors alter the design of poles.

Hope this satisfies you.

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