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Why are you interested in this position? Best answers to interview question?

There are a few hot-button questions that you are likely to be asked in a job interview, regardless of what job one is getting interviewed for. One of those questions is the, 'Why are you interested in this position?'. With this specific question, your prospective employer is trying to know a lot about you apart from the fact that you just need a paycheck.

By throwing this question at you, the interviewer is looking to learn more about your career goals and how this position you are applying for, fits into your plan.
He/she is also trying to make sure that you are sincerely interested in this position and will be self-motivated to perform well if hired.
They are also looking to find out what and how much you know about the company, the role of this specific position, and which aspect of the job this is appealing to you, and why.

So answering this question perfectly might seem like a daunting task at first but if you structure it properly beforehand keeping in mind the checkboxes your answer has to tick, it's pretty simple.
Though there are no general format or a readymade answer to this question as it is highly dependent on the position one is applying for, the company and his/her personal likings, we can suggest a structure to approach this question.
  • Express your likings and enthusiasm for the company. Let the interviewer know, that you have done your homework and is well aware of what this role has to offer.
  • Align your skills and previous experiences, if any, with the role and establish a professional and cultural fit.
  • Connect the role of this position to your future career trajectory. This is one of the most crucial parts. It should give the interviewer a feeling that you are here for the long haul and not to only earn a paycheck to meet your immediate needs.
So, what do you think would be a good answer to this question? Do you have a different approach to it? Let's discuss in the comments below.
This one is sure amongst the oft repeated (and dreaded) questions in an interview. I think the best way to tackle it is to demonstrate to the interviewer that- 1. You understand the job well and all that it entails, 2.That you are more than a good match for it 3. Demonstrate what you can contribute and bring to the table for the present and future growth of the company.

You can cite some specific examples that caught your attention while applying for the job by researching a bit on company ethics/work culture/employer. For instance, I read your annual report and was intrigued by your plans for the future, specifically regarding the implementation of emerging technologies. I’d love to be a part of that.

Alternatively you can emphasize on your own skills, knowledge and experience showcasing that you are the right fit for the position and in turn can benefit the employer and the company in the long run. You can add this as an concluding remark- I am interested in this job because it would allow me to continue to develop my expertise in these areas as I aim for an overall improvement with time.

To make your answer more powerful and believable, you can add numbers to emphasize the kind of impact you had in your previous job. However a generic answer (for instance- ‘because it’s a great company’) or an untailored/ unethusiastic answer is sure to land you in a pit, so avoid these at all costs.

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