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jayaprasad • Apr 11, 2012

Which method is best suitable for analyzing route optimization in urban transport?

Which method is best suitable for anlaysing route optimization in urban transport.
durga ch
durga ch • Apr 11, 2012
Could you be more specific or say clear on your question?
Feather • May 6, 2012
jayaprasad Thank you for bringing in this question. Not much attention has been given to the problem of improving urban transport. Since in most of the cities, the road networks are built one after other in a sequential manner with no planning, these networks are of no use to commuters anymore.
Commuters have to travel the long routes. Instead of investing in improving the service level of these roads/bridges, the cost of rerouting are low.
Feather • May 6, 2012
We will have to evaluate a shortest distance and shortest route from one point to another point, while taking into account the waiting times for vehicles.

A heuristic algorithm can be worked out using the average transportation cost as the goal.

Waiting for inputs from other civil engineers here.

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