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Which Engineering branch will be in demand in India?

India is second largest country in terms of population, after China and third largest economy based on purchasing power parity. With such statistics we have much to gain from and work for. Understandably then the demand for skilled professionals (in engineering or any other field) would be aligned with the growth drivers in India, now and in the future.

Currently India seems to be a largely a service-sector economy, hence our strength naturally lies in courses like computer engineering and information technology. Much of the IT progress comes from these areas, but the future can hold much more. The one area where an aspiring India lacks is that of quality Infrastructure, much of the focus of the incumbent establishment also seems to be focused here. Hence more of the demand of engineers will be coming from this sector (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical branches).

Given the technology era we live in, and keeping pace with the research and developments of the world in general, fields of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Nano technology, Cloud computing and Biometrics can also hold much promise.

India being a land of natural resources also has a lot of opportunities for the Mining industry. With the future trends and the growing population, usage of minerals are slated to be increasing and hence it is estimated that the mining industry shall be contributing about 5-6 percent of the GDP of India in the years to come. The skilled Mining engineers will be in demand for this very reason.

The aforementioned options are not fixed and all comprehensive since many variables govern the ultimate outcome. It is therefore best to choose according to one's the passion and liking the engineering stream that fascinates you where application oriented practical approach is your constant guide-post. If you have your options to add or just some opinions to share, please feel free to do so in the comments below😀
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 15, 2018
It all depends upon the direction in which the economy grows. But more than any specific branch, I see the dire need of 'quality' engineers growing in coming months. The 'startup' culture is building up in India and that means, there will be several job openings, but only for those who can become productive within a week of taking up the job.

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