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popo00 • Sep 29, 2017

Which eccentric mechanism to choose for my tool ?

Hi folks, I am using a hand driven pump like the yellow one on the picture . I want to use an engine for that pump instead of using my hands and a pump arm.

I will disassamble the long arm from my yellow pump and will want to transmit engine power to the piston.

Engine power is 0.6 kW

rotation of my engine is 50 per minute.

Shaft on the engine will need to be able to rotate under load approx 400 kG ( that is what the maximum weight needed to be put on the piston)

will the engine 0.4 kW ( 50 rpm) be strong enough for that job ?

Can you please advice which way is best for transmission of the engine power to the piston ? I have few example below, but maybe there is a better way ?

THank you for help !

All IC engines do this with a crank shaft mechanism.
Curiously this interesting mechanism was developed by a pastor:
Conversion of circular motion to reciprocating motion & vice versa | National Innovation Foundation-India

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