Anil Ashar
Anil Ashar
31 Aug 2018

Which chemical chills water?

I have have heard that chilled water bottle dispenser just immerse a thin wooden stick preimmersed in  a chemical to chill the water. 

 Which chemical it could be?Which Chemical chills water? We are used to use chilled water served in opaque plastic bottle at a throw away price.

01 Sep 2018

I'm not sure if you're talking about Chemical that needs to be 'mixed' with Water in order to freeze it. 

IMHO, Liquid Nitrogen is something you should be looking at. Tagging our own Wikipedia, @Ramani sir. 

01 Sep 2018

Sorry, no.

Certain salts like ammonium nitrate can cool water on dissolution. Not much though. One certainly cannot drink that. Water has a very high heat capacity. To cool one litre water from 30 deg C to 10 deg C one needs to remove 20 kcalories of heat. That is a fair amount of cooling.

For heavens sake please do not try to chill drinking water by dissolving a chemical in it, unless you have a good hospital easy to access.

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