Pallavi.V. Honagond
Pallavi.V. Honagond
Electronics and Communication
14 Dec 2018

Whether I am eligible for TCS off-campus drive within 6mnths if I just registered not attempted before

I have registered for Off drive campus for TCS and not attempted it.whether the rule of 6mnths eligibility is also applied to just registered candidate??

16 Dec 2018

I've not heard if TCS has been enforcing the 6-month interval between two interviews criteria; however there are several people who've appeared for TCS interview within 6 months.

I'd recommend against it. First - if you aren't fully prepared, you'll be wasting a chance. Second, if you get selected and TCS finds out that you did not qualify; they might reject you. It's a risk that's better be avoided.

Prepare well and wait for the right opportunity. 

Shreya P@ndey

Shreya P@ndey

17 Dec 2018

Thank you, Kaustubh for an informative answer

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