20 Nov 2018

When to go for Civil Engineering Courses, before or after last semester?

Is it good to do civil software courses during last sem of engineering or after completion of engineering,  am confused when to go for courses.

Ankita Katdare

Ankita Katdare

Computer Science
20 Nov 2018

@Rinki Gladia The sooner you start, the better. Following are the skills you must go for:

  1. Microsoft Excel Advanced
  2. MS Project
  3. AutoCAD
  5. Primavera
  6. Phase2
  7. Construsoft

Start with the basics of all these skills, understand what you like the most and pursue that topic in detail. One year goes by quite fast. I suggest you not to waste any free time you have. Invest in building your technical skills for bettering job prospects.

06 Dec 2018

Hi @Rinki Gladia,

In Addition to the response from @Ankita Katdare . I would recommend you start to learn any civil engineering tools once you well versed with the academic syllabus. For example the Design of structures & Strength of materials which will help you the understand the theory of design tools in depth and you can relate the tool results with your calculations. 

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