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What kind of radar do you know?

Do you have your own car? Do you know what radar is? Chongqing Feilong Jiangli collects the latest information for you. According to foreign media reports, laser radar (Lidar) is currently one of the most important technologies for developing self driving cars. Dozens of companies, and even more, are competing to improve existing radars to better detect vehicles and pedestrians. But what if you don't need to enhance radar technology, but find ways to make existing radars perform better?

Because the near infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum is used in radar technology, the current version of radar is difficult to distinguish dark cars. Dark cars are hard to see because they often absorb more radar pulses than they reflect. It's a little like the difference between wearing a white shirt and a black shirt on a sunny day. A black shirt absorbs sunlight while a white shirt reflects sunlight.

What Basf has done is to change the chemical properties of automotive coatings and improve the ability of automotive reflective radar. Specifically, the company does not use any carbon black (one of the main culprits of radar wave absorption) and has improved the primer formulation to make it highly reflective to radar.

Chongqing Feilong Jiangli appreciates this innovative spirit very much. Feilong Jiangli is also in constant innovation, continuous progress, and strive to provide customers with better service.

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