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What improvements do Intelligent Network Unified Vehicle need?

The so-called Intelligent Network Union Vehicle is a new generation of vehicle with complex environment perception, intelligent decision-making, collaborative control and execution functions, which carries advanced on-board sensors, integrates modern communication and network technology, realizes intelligent information exchange and sharing between vehicles and people, vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and roads, vehicles and backstage.

Intelligent network automobile is obviously different from traditional automobile, it involves automobile, transportation, electronics, Internet, communications and other fields. With the rapid development of Intelligent Network Unified Vehicle and the continuous breakthrough in technology, how far is it from technology to product? What is the current status of the industry? How many "pits" are there to fill before "going on the road"? What is the current status of the industry? What technical bottlenecks will be encountered in the process of implementation? What needs to be done if we want to achieve it in the future?

Chongqing Feilong Jiangli believes that we should adhere to the convenience brought by the national top-level macro-design; seize the era background of the rapid development of Intelligent Networks in the Chinese market; and now the close cooperation of the whole industrial ecology.

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