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12 Jan 2018

What can be the best time of the day to apply for a job?

We have all applied for jobs, haven’t we? While applying for any job does it come to your mind is there a perfect time in which our chances of getting noticed is higher than other times of the day. Since the internet has opened up avenues for 24 hours of working, you might think that there is no perfect time for your resume to get noticed by the recruiter. Most sources agree with that, since your email is in the same inbox as other there is slim chance that time matters.

However when an employment firm called TalentWorks tried to delve into this topic they found some interesting statistics. They are an employment platform that connects recruiters with potential employees and during last year they monitored over 1600 applications and tried to find out if there was any correlation between the time the mail was sent and the success rate of getting to the interview round. They found out that the best time of the day to send a job application email was between 6am to 10am in which job seekers had 13% of getting an interview. You might think 13& is quite insignificant but it was the highest when compared to any other time of the day.

They pointed out that your odds of getting thorough drop by up to 10% every half an hour from 10am and continue to be down except for a brief surge after lunchtime. The worst time for sending an application is after 7:30pm when the chances of getting selected drop to just 3%. Sadly these statistics cannot be considered as hard proof because these do not take into account the actual time when the recruiter goes through your email. Nevertheless it provides an interesting statistic as to how job application timings correlate to the success rate.

Have you noticed a similar trend? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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