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What are you most proud of and why? - Interview question's best answer

Many times these type of self-evaluating questions become problematic in an interview and you almost lose your nerve in thinking what you will say that would make them feel you are not a thousand adjectives which you by the way are. To cover, you pretend that you are a humble gentleman(lady), or at least you try to make them feel you are. With a series of umms.. and err... you end it on a note which is probably not up to the mark as per your placement facilitator and irrespective of your selection, you just never get the correct answer for "What are you most proud of?"

Honestly, I am confused. I would not hide this from the community but I am a little weirdo. If I am ordered to wear formals I will just do the opposite to get my answer, until I am convinced. Now, this thread is for all. Not just for me, but for all crazy, weird, nerd, rule breakers and followers who at a certain point faces this question. My question is

1. what will be your answer for "What are you most proud of" in an interview?

2. Will it be same if you would answer the same question to your best friend?

If you are wondering what my answer would be, I don't think that is suitable for an interview. Again, I am not sure if at all it is.

Attending number 2. first, my answer is yes, it will be same.

And what exactly is that? I am proud of my inflexibility in certain situations. That is one of the greatest weakness I have, but I am proud of the advantages because that somehow makes me unique in the crowd. Suppose, I am standing in a group where everybody drinks alcohol and someone insists me for a drink, I will politely reject that proposal. I might raise a toast, hold a glass for a while but will not drink.

Folks, what will your answer be? Help us get the best solution.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Nov 20, 2017
I remember I was interviewing a candidate along with a colleague; and he actually popped this question to the candidate. I was bit surprised and really got curious what the candidate answered.

The candidate obviously didn't expect this question and mumbled for a while. I think I've an answer that's guaranteed to work in any interview.

Answer: My Family

That answer is precious! First, it involves emotions and there cannot be 'true' or 'false' associated with it. This means, you're bound to impress the interviewer with this simple two word answer. First - the interviewer cannot challenge you and you've already playing on the 'emotional' field. You can answer any way you want and say all the good things about your family - like the sacrifices they've made for you, the support they've given to you in your low times and how they stand behind you strongly.

Think about answering something like - 'education' or 'skills' or anything that doesn't have an immediate emotional appeal. You leave a big opportunity for the interviewer to grill you. For example, if you say 'my engineering degree' - then you may be asked about your performance, why engineering and not something else.

The idea here is to use an answer that has a positive emotional impact. Nothing beats Family!

What say you?
This question is asked in an interview I think, to gauge the personality of the candidate more closely. The answer can give significant insight into candidate's personal traits to the examiner. Hence it needs to be tackled intelligently. Anything emotional, personal and close works best in such scenarios since it is not likely to be refuted or cross-questioned by the interviewer easily. So the answers as Family, Mother, Parents, any personal traits as patience, discipline etc work good.

However I think, if you are quoting personal traits unique to you (as patience, discipline, persistence etc) do make it a point to substantiate them all with some real life incident or experience. It makes it authentic and less likely to be cross-questioned. You can narrate some real-life situation faced by you which actually demonstrated those qualities.

Like for me, it is Empathy and Compassion. I strive consciously at times to nurture and cultivate these in me. By the simple act of showing empathy, we can be more mindful of the fellow sentient beings around us. The day-to-day incidents of frustrations as road rage can be tackled effectively. More happiness and less pain will be spread in the world at large if these simple acts of understanding are followed by each one of us. I am proud of the fact that I do contribute my own little share to it😀

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