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25 Jan 2009

Water System for Cold Climates

We live in the woods in northern Maine about a ½ mile off the road with common winter temperatures many degrees below 0F. We heat only with wood. This works fine for the kitchen/living room (one room) but by it self does not provide enough heat for the house which is old and drafty. Power outages are not uncommon.

Water pipe freezing has been a problem in the past and I have taken such measures as moving the water pipes from under the floor into the house. I have isolation valves to the bathroom (which gets real cold) so we manually open these valves for baths etc and then close them for the night.

Additionally we have to keep large quantities of water stored for the outages.

II have designed a system which I believe which would solve many of these issues. I put both a detailed description of the problems and a one line system diagram on a free web page. As I want to automate this as much as possible the system logic is described as well on this site .I believe a microcontroller and assorted peripherals would work. Any ideas suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I intend to use scavenged parts as much as possible.

The web site is https://lmdooleyjr.webs.com/ Note this is not an advertisement but rather a way to display details beyond the scope of this forum format.
Tired of winter and thanx


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