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Waldrof Educational Methodology

Hey guys,
This is not an advertisement..

IN CE, we have been discussion a lot of our educational system which actually hampers our skills and running race for marks and grades is something which is make students , kids hopeless.
And I guess some percent of the threads on CE are more about How to get into software Industry, What to do next, what is my passion etc.,

So I have been researching schools which doesnt irritate kids with getting marks, or getting admission in IIT's or NIT. But teaching them to be human , and making them realize life..

One such discovery is this methodology, Waldrof schools. There are handful number of schools in India in different places.

So I just wanted to know the opinion of fellow Ceans here.

@A.V.Ramani : Sir, we need your thoughts too.
Saandeep Sreerambatla
we need your thoughts too.
My own case is atypical. I joined the fifth standard when I was seven. Till then I did not attend any school. A retired school teacher imparted the Waldorf kind of education at his home for kids from about three years age till seven or eight after which the kids got admitted to a regular school. There was no set curriculum and no competitive exams.
I agree that making a 'whole human' rather than a competing machine is good. Money (meaning getting into a well paying job) is not everything. But how are we to handle this mind set entrenched in the minds of parents.
I was lucky in that my parents were not like that. They let their children free to develop as they could.
In short, the Waldorf system does have a lot going for it. There is a Bangalore Steiner School now. My grand daughter is in a public school in Bethesda, Maryland. Though teachers do change every year one teacher handles one class all subjects. The teaching is a lot like the Waldorf system. There is all round development and the first years are quite on the lines of the Waldorf system.

In the end we get what we deserve as a community. The majority wins by sheer weight. That does not mean that we should not strive to change things. We must. But that should happen at the individual level. In children's education, it is the parents who must change.
Yeah, I am a parent now so thinking on those lines to break the conventional system of education and providing whats useful in life to my daughter rather providing some thing to run for without a real meaning.

On a nut shell I was thinking of this kind of school since a long time and luckily there are 3 to 4 available in Hyderabad.

I have gone through their website and understood what they teach and what they wrote on the website some how echoes what i wanted my daughter to learn.

I am not really worried about how she would fare after her schooling. My only worry is do the schools really teach what they wrote? or again for reputation or something they go back to the conventional way?

Any first hand experiences would help. I am visiting the school next month to talk to them and i will provide what i learn there.

The other problem or other thing to consider is the fee , its so much 😀

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