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29 Jun 2016

US Universities for MS in Electrical Engineering

List of top US universities for MS in Electrical Engineering:
These are few of the best US Universities for Masters in Electrical Engineering

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology , founded in 1861, Cambridge is one of the world’s leading university for electrical engineering. MIT is home to many of the world’s leading technologies such as email , world wide web and the popular big dog.

  1. Stanford University
Bioplastics, antibody therapies,Data analytics and recombinant DNA are few of the innovations that are made by the Stanford university.Stanford electrical engineering department is ranked second by the QS university for the best US universities to study electrical engineering.

  1. University of California, Berkely
Electrical engineering and Computer science are the largest departments in the university of California. The presence of a massive department itself signifies the significance that the university gives to electrical engineering. Located in California, This is ranked as the 3rd best university to study electrical engineering in the United States of America

The above listed are the top colleges in ms in Electrical Engineering. These are only a few of the many US Colleges for MS in Electrical Engineering. However, there are other US Universities for MS in EE that offer high-quality education in electrical engineering domain.

Essential information
One of the most important information which is associated with a master’s degree programs in electrical engineering is that in these programs students do research which is followed by designing, developing and analysing the computer and electrical system. All this learning happens through class and lab experiences. There are also other programs in US universities for MS in Electrical Engineering which allows students to have the specialisation in some particular subjects such as robotics, communication, and network system. There are many others schools which offer weekly or online programs to accommodate a large number of students.

Following are the required information regarding the course:

  • Prerequisites– it is a bachelor’s degree with an engineering course structure specifically in the field of computer science.
  • Online availability– some programs offered an online course.
  • Duration – total length of the programs is two years.
MS in Electrical Engineering USA
The master of science in the field of Electrical Engineering consists of 30 to 40 semester hours of coursework. There are some other programs in this fields in which students can select their specialisations and can mould the coursework accordingly. All the students are supposed to submit the research thesis before the graduation.There are lots of specialised topics which are there in this field such as microelectronics and nanotechnology, circuit design and convex optimisation. Apart from this, it also contains others courses. Some of them are as follows:

  • Field and optics
  • Computer engineering
  • Networking
  • Image and signal processing
  • Energy sources and system

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