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US Navy To Deliver Iron-Man-oid Augmented Vision Display Mask To Divers

The mainstream engineers, enthusiasts, physicists, mathematicians and ultimately bohemians are actually intertwined with MARVEL comics and indirectly, owing to its unique and eye-catching characters, deliver theories, instruments and technology that have now virally encapsulated the world, in good-sense. Augmented reality was born in science-fiction, it was once an imagination that fantasized the world to see beyond touch. Skillfully, world has managed to comply with these lavish ideas and come up with such technology which is now ready to cross its air-force boundary and enter into the world of navy.


A 1 day old press release confirms that US Navy at Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) has made an announcement to refurbish the navy diving technologies with futuristic equipment and synchronous intelligent instrumentation such that it feels the technological empowerment. Dennis Gallagher, Underwater Systems Development Project Engineer informed that his team has fabricated a state-of-the-art ultra-smart helmet mated with Augmented Vision Display (DAVD), a true HR supplemented head up display engineered inside the helmet.

The team further explained, the system is a junk of features stacked to order each element supportive to divers’ facilities. Detailing the specifications, Gallagher explained that the helmet, like Tony Stark’s iron suit, is capable to open a window inside the helmet which in real-time provides data related to sector sonar (topside view of the diver's location + dive site), instant messages, snapshots, pi charts, augmented videos that might put an extra assurance over divers’ safety issue.

The High-Tech Diver Mask

Moreover, previously it was required to put attention on pre mature calculation regarding a specific target that might falter at times. Now, with this much-needed addition, divers could see everything they require when under operation. In spite of its unencumbered advantages, the project being in nascent stage needs to go a long way to ultimately emerge as THE solution. Tagging Strategic Plan for 2011-2025, US Naval Sea Systems Command has reportedly started crafting high-tech sensors to power up underwater videography.

According to the report, Gallagher and co. have shifted to phase ll where components would be serially incorporated to device the full-fledged mask. Soon, the system will be up and running after successive in-water simulation tests to be held in October 2016 and 2017.

Source: US Navy

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